Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Why I Love Pinterest

Below is a short article I wrote about why Pinterest is great news in the crafting world, primarily how it is good for blogging and a short description of how Pinterest works. 

Pinterest connects bloggers. 
It's so easy to click on a cool tutorial link found on Pinterest and stumble onto a beautiful or quirky blog you've never read. That in itself it fun and exciting. It also connects non-bloggers which in turn can bring loyal new readers. As a fairly new blogger myself, I'm using Pinterest as a way to draw more interest into my blog through tutorials that I happily upload to Pinterest. I'm not concerned about people "stealing" my work (see my article about Copying and Blogging here). Rather, I use Pinterest as a positive outlet for networking.

You can multi-task your inspiration. 
I love that by scrolling I can look at home decor, holiday projects, nails and beauty, recipes, etc. ALL at ONCE. For someone who has picture and video ADD (I can't stand to watch a videos on the internet for more than about 20 seconds) this is a-w-e-s-o-m-e. Let's not forget the animals. Seriously, if you need a dose of cute in your day, there are hundreds of photos of baby animals on Pinterest. If you don't believe me,  go look. I dare you. 

Boards are brilliant. 
The idea of creating "boards" of projects, divided by any sort of organization you'd like, is perfect for crafters who like to stay organized or as a way of motivating crafters who have a tendency to be bookmark more projects than they actually create. 

Here's a quick run-down if you've never used Pinterest before:
Pinterest is basically a website full of photos which link back to websites. You can collect these photos into groups (called "Boards") by "pinning them. It's essentially an online bulletin board (you remember, the one you had in eighth grade that was so cool? Yeah, that one). You can also directly post or log in through facebook. You can choose to "follow" people, so that the Pins they collect show up on your news feed when you log in to Pinterest. You can also create "group" boards where multiple people can pin things to the board you share, and you can also create "Secret" boards which only you can see (great for planning birthday surprises!). 

Here's a snippet of what a Pinterest homepage looks like: 
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  1. Pinterest is a great way to promote you blog. People can pin your projects to their boards or You pin your projects, and then they get pinned and repinned over and over getting more and more traffic. :)