Tuesday, January 8, 2013

DIY Jewelry Organizer Wall Display

Supplies Needed:
3 small unfinished wooden frames
3 sheets of glittered scrapbook paper
bits of ribbons and string
Acrylic paint OR Liquid Leaf One-Step Gold Paint (this is what I used)
Hot glue, scissors, etc

1. Trace glitter paper to fit inside the frames, however, BE SURE to cut at least1/8th of an inch outside of your traced shape to have enough room to glue the paper into your frame.
2. Paint frames whatever color you like.
3. Glue ribbons and strings of various widths across the papers. Glue only at each end of the ribbons, not all the way across.
4. Adhere to frames with hot glue or double sided tape.
5. Hang on your wall and enjoy! I'm so thrilled with the way that these turned out <3 I have tons of feather earrings and my cat will take any chance he can to get at them. Hanging them on the wall keeps them safe plus it's super cute art! I love how accessible my jewelry is now and that I can just look at all of my choices all at once.

Note: This was my first time working with a gold leafing paint and I l-o-v-e-d it! I was so surprised by how much smoother and "gold-er" this was than just typical metallic gold acrylic paint. Be warned: it does contain copper and smells very strongly. Work in a ventilated area! I'm super excited to try
this paint on many other projects!

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  1. Wow, Taylor, these are so pretty! You've been wanting to try gold leafing for a while haven't you?
    These are amazing.

  2. These are sooo cool. I think it'd be a great way to display small quilting notions in my craft room too.