Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Pinterest Tips for Bloggers

Rearrange Your Boards on Your Profile
When someone clicks on your Pinterest profile, they will be taken to your page that displays all your boards. Now, granted, we all have personal boards on Pinterest...but this is not what your bloggers and other pinners are interested in! So, you need to rearrange your boards on your profile so that when someone goes looking for the type of things you pin (and blog about) they are right at the top of your profile and easy to find. On your profile page, right next to the "Edit Profile" button, there is a small icon that says "Rearrange Boards" if you roll your mouse over it. You should be putting the boards that are most related to your blog at the top and the least related at the bottom.

Post Your Tutorials!!!
This is huge. You should be pinning your own blog posts every time you blog something. Especially if you frequently post craft tutorials as these are very big on Pinterest. At the top of any Pinterest page, there is a little button that says "Add." Use this to post a link and a photo of your post.

Categorize Your Boards to Match Your Blog
When you go looking for a dinner recipe on Pinterest, you expect to find it in the category "Food and Drink" right? Well, when people go looking for projects or posts similar to your blog, they pick the most obvious category to look in. If you post craft pins, you need to categorize the boards you pin them on as "Crafts and DIY" boards. This seems obvious, but sometimes it can be an easy thing to miss. Your boards are in the wrong category? Just edit them and correct it. 

Want to learn more about Pinterest? Here are two other articles I have written, Why I Love Pinterest, and Why Pinterest is Bad for Bloggers. Both of these articles are constructive criticisms and praises for the use of Pinterest to promote your blog. 

Here's a quick run-down if you've never used Pinterest before:
Pinterest is basically a website full of photos which link back to websites. You can collect these photos into groups (called "Boards") by "pinning them. It's essentially an online bulletin board (you remember, the one you had in eighth grade that was so cool? Yeah, that one). You can also directly post or log in through facebook. You can choose to "follow" people, so that the Pins they collect show up on your news feed when you log in to Pinterest. You can also create "group" boards where multiple people can pin things to the board you share, and you can also create "Secret" boards which only you can see (great for planning birthday surprises!). 

Thanks for reading! -Taylor
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