Thursday, January 3, 2013

What you'll see in 2013: (I hope!)

  1. 1. Cool DIY's inspired by things I've seen on Pinterest. I started a new board for 2013 with crafts that I think are really neat. My goal is to keep this board small and actually DO all the projects on this board. Sometimes it's nice to be able to craft for crafting's sake, instead of trying to brainstorm a great, original idea that no one's ever done before. If you want to see my board, click here!
  3. Recipes for healthy snacks: I got a slicer/shredder for my Kitchen Aid Mixer for Christmas (thanks Mom and Dad!) so I'm super pumped to make my own carrot chips, sweet potato chips, zucchini chips, etc. 
  4. Photos with my Fuji Instax Mini (Christmas present from Katie!)
I've got big plans to be a better blogger this year. I'm really nervous about fulfilling them because blogging takes a LOT of time, as I've learned. As a graduate student, I stay pretty busy, but I want to make the time to post good quality posts of DIY's, inspiration, etc. As it turns out, there are TONS of posts from other bloggers about blogging and how to do well in it (here's a great list!)...that being said, the information is kind of overwhelming. So, I'm learning. Enjoy this process with me. 
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