Thursday, January 10, 2013

Adventures in Nail Art Part I: Easy Peasy Polka Dots

So, I'm jumping on the nail art bandwagon, want to join me? Here's a quick tutorial to get you started. Polka dots are easy and fun, especially if you're new to swiping more than just a coat of red polish onto your nails as you head out the door.
 First, you need to dig into your sewing supplies and pull out some pins. The brush of your regular nail polish is much to big to make consistently nice polka dots. The pointy end of the pin won't pick up enough polish to create polka dots, so you need to use the head of the pin. Flathead pins are best for small dots, and ball head pins can be used for large dots. 

  I recommend that you place a small spot of nail polish onto a piece of aluminum foil to transfer the dots to your nails. Trying to dip a pin into the bottle of polish is very messy, so let's keep things nice and neat. I used gold, blue-gray, and hot pink just for some contrast. Below is an example of large dots:
 Small, teeny, epic-cute dots: (I love things in miniature!)
 Once you've mastered how to print dots onto your nails, it's really easy to get creative! There are so many fun patterns you could make with dots- rainbows, stripes, holiday colors, dots to match your outfit...the possibilities are definitely endless! 

This post is the first part of a series of nail DIY's so keep an eye out for some more adventures in nail painting! 
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  1. great diy! I have always wanted to try new things with my nails!