Thursday, January 3, 2013

Let's get to know each other

So, this is the year that my blog becomes enjoyable to me and to you (I hope!). I'm striving for consistency in posting, and posting the things that I would WANT to read. This means LOTS of DIYs, recipes, and articles about crafting, other blogs, neat websites, etc. I'm also an avid pinner (Pinterest) and I want to incorporate that into my blog. I'm excited to use my blog as a way of making time for creative things. Sometimes I get crafter's guilt: I feel guilty taking time to create when I could be studying or working. But creative time makes me a happier person so my New Year's Resolution is to allow myself to craft...just for fun.

I've read a ton of articles lately about blogging and I agree with them that weekly features are fun and interesting. So...I'm going to make it a goal to include a weekly round-up of Pins that are fun and unique. Each week will have a theme and the first set of Pintastic things will be here tomorrow!

So, about me (and I hope you'll share too!) I live in sunny, humid, sticky, beautiful South Florida. I go to the green market pretty often to get fresh veggies and eat street food with my friends. I live one mile from the beach and love to walk or run from my apartment to the sand. The sunrise is beautiful (see below) but I'm rarely up early enough to see it :)
I work as a tutor and a teaching assistant, someday I hope to be a college professor in Anthropology. That's the plan...and Florida, as beautiful as it is, is just one stop in my road-trip kind of life. I move a lot. I really like new places and new spaces, so I'm like a packing and garage sale expert. The idea of things staying the same terrifies me. That being said, that's what my blog is really about. Trying new things. Making life memorable. 

Thanks for reading,

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  1. I love reading your blog, I cannot wait to see all of the fun things you are going to post.