Sunday, January 13, 2013

Product Review: Punk Project's "I Heart Art" online class

I have been asked to review Punk Project's online craft course, "I Heart Art." I think it's an awesome class, read my review below!

If you've never taken an online class before, or even if you have, here's how this one works: on your own time and your own way. I l-o-v-e the flexibility of the course because you can access the projects in any order; all the projects are available for you form the minute you access the course. So, you can work at your own pace; as quickly or slowly as you want to! 
The course also has a mobile site-you can work on your projects and browse the class from your smartphone! I think this is a great feature-especially because you can use the supply lists while you're out shopping for your own supplies for the projects. 

Did I mention Katie's included some of her signature, hand-drawn freebies? The bonus downloads in this class are amazing. So cute and so original. I'm going to be making some bonus projects with them-mini valentines, scrapbook pages, etc.

Types of Projects and My Favorites
In the course, there is a huge variety of projects. Some are sewing-intensive, some are paper crafting, others are jewelry-making and so on. You'll be exposed to a lot of different things and you may even try something new. My favorite projects are the Glitter Heart Earrings and the DIY Heart-Shaped Chocolate Box (make your own!!!).

This is a fun and organized class. The website is easy to use and beautifully designed. The projects that Katie created for the course are to-die-for, overly cute. I also really like that there are no actual valentines in the class-instead, the class is filled with bigger and better projects. The price is great for the value of what is included in the course-only $1 per project! I think "I Heart Art" is Katie's cutest mini-class yet!

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