Saturday, December 8, 2012

Quick and Easy Mini Wreath

This wreath seriously takes 10 minutes to make and it's that quirky kind of cute. It uses an embroidery hoop, I think mine was around 8 inches, but you could use any size. You'll also need white tissue paper, black and orange felt, buttons, and ribbons. These supplies are easy to find and you probably already have them lying around. I could see so many cute variations on this-Santa, Reindeer, Gingerbread Man, etc! This wreath is also kid-friendly, (use a low-temp glue gun!) and would be a fun project for kiddos who are out of school for the holiday break. Anyway, enjoy the DIY!

1. Using strips of tissue paper, about 8-9 inches wide, wrap your embroidery hoop.

2. Cut from black felt a top hat, form orange felt a carrot nose, and choose two black buttons for eyes.

3. Tie a ribbon around the top of the hoop to hang the wreath from.

4. Glue the top hat over the top of the embroidery hoop where the ribbon is tied. 

5. On the side, place the eyes and nose.

6. Add a ribbon to the bottom!

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