Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Feather on a Stick Kitty Toy DIY

While Taylor is on vacation this week, I got the "Pleasure" (my hands are covered in scratches and any food I have is not safe!) of watching Sisko, her cat. ;) He's not all bad, but he is a kitten so he attacks everything.

I made this "Feather on a Stick" toy for him to play with. One end of it has feathers (which are his favorite toy ever!) and on the other end I attached one of his toys that jingles. 
So, this stick has feather and it makes noise. Perfect!
 Supplies: Wooden Dowel, Feathers, Twine, Hot Glue, Jingle Ball Toy Thingy (haha)
 1. Tie one end of your twine to the toy ball.
2. wrap the short end around and secure with glue.
 3. Cut it to your desired length and tie the other end to the end of the wooden dowel.
4. Wrap the end around the dowel and secure with glue.
 4. Take a short (5 inches) piece of twine and tie/glue one end to a feather and tie the other end to your first piece of twine, down close to the ball.
 5. On the opposite end of the dowel, Glue feather to the end. Wrap twine around the ends of the feathers.
 6. To finish it off, I decorated the dowel with sharpies.
He. Loves. It. Success!

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