Friday, February 22, 2013

Pintastic Things This Week

Check out this super cool galaxy shirt by How to Own It. I really want to make one of these!

And this is the absolutely prettiest possible way to store plastic bags! I love how bright it is! By Creative Home Making with Constanca Cabral.

This DIY calls to my love of the feather trend! Check it out at The Crafted Sparrow.

That's it for today! In case you didn't notice, today's round up was kind of a hodge podge without any particular theme because I stumbled upon so many different kinds of interesting DIY's this week on Pinterest. 

Want to repin or blog about some of these awesome projects? Be sure to link to the original source so that the artist/author gets credit. It's really easy for something to get pinned or linked so many times that it no longer traces back to its original source and the artist receives no feedback for his or her use the original source and share these lovely posts!

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  1. You should so make you a galaxy shirt!! It would be even better if it had a tiny little enterprise on it. :)